Krypton Toolkit

Free Windows Forms Controls

Impress your customers and your boss by using our free windows forms controls to build professional applications.

Free Windows Forms Controls


Krypton Ribbon

Office Style Ribbon

Bring your customers into the 21st century with this high fidelity Office 2007 Ribbon control.

.NET Ribbon Control

Krypton Docking

Visual Studio 2010 Style Docking

Maximize your screen real-estate by using our docking system. Use drag and drop to update your window layout.

.NET Docking Windows 

Krypton Workspace

Moving Beyond Tabbed MDI

Go beyond SDI, MDI and Tabbed MDI with this unique approach to organizing your document area.

.NET Tabbed MDI Replacement

Krypton Navigator

The Ultimate Tab Control

Replace half your controls with our innovative tab control replacement that has a staggering 19 different modes.

.NET Tab Control for C# and VB.NET





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