Subscription Renewal

At the end of your current subscription period you will be offered the chance to extend your subscription for another 12 months. The cost of extending is just 25% of the full product price and ensures you keep receiving the latest versions as they are released along with the surety of email support. Your contact email address will automatically be sent a renewal offer at the end of your current subscription period.

For all enquires about renewals please contact

The first 12 months...

Every purchase comes with an initial 12 month subscription. Each time a new release is made during the subscription period your registered contact email will be sent a new download link so you can use the latest version immediately. You will also be eligible for email support by contacting our support email address and quoting your purchase order number.

After the first 12 months...

Once your initual 12 month subscription period expires you will no longer receive any further releases of the product and no longer be eligible for email support. You can of course continue to use your last received version indefinitely and still ask questions on the public forums of our website.



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