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Krypton and ActiveX

Postby fildiro » Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:03 pm

Hi everybody!,

First of all I´m very gratefull for any help that I could receive.

I´m trying to develop a solution embedded in an old program made in access2003. Thats is the idea of the consumer (I´m not agreed at all, but he gots the money, haha). The objetive is to be not so aggressive with the new solution and the old clients.

In that way i´ll do my job implementing an activeX that can be invoked by the old program, and trying to embbeded the Gui inside this program, using setparent(api) and for independence of the form, thread safe and show the form without any problem. There are many threads of msdn talking about that.

All of this it´s running ok. The problem I can see is when I was testing Toolkit controls. The form returns me an exception when it´s trying to show a tooltip, on controls that i think are rendered by your implementation like buttonspecany in your header, or columheader in your datagrid (I cannot see any window with the spy on this controls). The same effect I can see when use KryptonContextMenu.

I must say that only in access is where I have seeing this effect. When the activex is used in another com client the tooltips and other things dont throw any exception.

In other way I have seeing that the exception is always the same ( updatelayered is the method, and wrong param the fault). Problem with parent handlers?

Any help with this is much appreciated.

Best regards for all.
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