Krypton 2.5.1 Released

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Krypton 2.5.1 Released

Postby Phil Wright » Wed Apr 18, 2007 7:00 pm

Krypton 2.5.1 Released
This is a maintenance release only.

Design Time Errors
The design time errors that occur when accessing the smart tag for a Krypton control have now been fixed. In some cases this even crashed Visual Studio and occured because the design time methods were obfuscated when they should not have been.

MDI with KryptonForm Issues
The caption of the MDI parent not updates immediately when an MDI child is maximized. Using the LayoutMdi method in an MDI parent to Cascade or Tile the children not correctly works. Redrawing issues with the MDI child windows that are using custome chrome are also fixed.

TAB and Navigator Pages
If you placed a custom control inside a KryptonPage of the Navigator it would not correctly handle the use of TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move focus. This is now fixed and focus is actioned in the expected manner.

ButtonSpec Drawing
When updating the enabled state of a ButtonSpec it would not always redraw the button immediately to reflect the changes state. This is now resolved.

Use the following link to download the new release...

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