Krypton 2.4.1 Released

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Krypton 2.4.1 Released

Postby Phil Wright » Wed Jan 24, 2007 3:36 pm

Krypton 2.4.1 Released
This is a maintenance release containing bug fixes only.

Toolkit Changes
KryptonForm buttons now repaint when you hover
over them. Changing the Text, ExtraText and Icon for
the form also cause an immediate repaint. Plus the
crash that occures on closing down is fixed.

KryptonSplitContainer correctly remembers the
splitter distance between design time and runtime.

KryptonHeader and KryptonHeaderGroup will repaint
correctly when you add them manually and not using
the designer. Most obvious when you had a button spec.

Navigator Changes
Outlook mode separator movement improved, when
moving separator up and down to add/remove items
from stack to the overflow area.

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