Krypton 4.1.1 Released

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Krypton 4.1.1 Released

Postby Phil Wright » Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:01 pm

This is a maintenance release that contains bug fixes and just a single change in functionality. I recommend that you read the change list files, that are linked below, in order to see the full list of bugs that have been fixed. Also included is a fix to the installer that prevents the Krypton controls from appearing multiple times inside the Toolbox.

The single functional change is to the Office 2010 palettes. As the result of a developer poll indicated that people wanted the default size of the Office 2010 palettes changed to match that of the Office 2007 palettes. This change has been made in this release. You can however revert those palettes to the smaller size, or indeed any size you like, using the following example code...

KryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Blue.BaseFontSize = 8.5f;
KryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Silver.BaseFontSize = 8.5f;
KryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Black.BaseFontSize = 8.5f;

This new BaseFontSize property is available on the built-in palettes except the Professional variations. There is also a BaseFontName that allows the font to be changed away from the default Segoe UI setting.

Download Link
Download Krypton 4.1.1

Change Lists
Toolkit Change List
Ribbon Change List
Navigator Change List
Workspace Change List
Docking Change List
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