Frequently Asked Questions  

Do I need to pay royalties?

Absolutely not. You do not pay any royalties or charges for redistribution of the components you have purchased. We license on a per-developer basis.

Can I install on more than one machine?

Yes, you can install the product on as many machines as the developer uses. If a developer uses a desktop and laptop they can install the same product on both.

Do I need a license for a build machine?

If no development takes place on the build machine then you do not need to purchase a license. You do need a license if any developer performs development on that machine.


Can I use the product after 12 months?

You can use the purchased license indefinitely. Once your 12 month subscription expires you will no longer receive the latest releases as they occur.

Can I modify your source code?

You can modify the source code and distribute the modified components with your applications. You are however restricted from reselling the components as a competitor.

60 day guarantee catch?

There is no catch or small print. Just email us before the 60 days deadline explaining why you are not happy and a promise that you will uninstall the software.



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