It gives me great pleasure to announce an agreement has been reached to license the PFGrid.NET control for use within the Krypton Suite. There have been many requests for a high quality grid within the Krypton Suite and this will now be possible by Kryptonizing the excellent PFGrid.NET. It has all the features you would expect such as grouping, filtering, sorting, tree list mode and so forth.

You can check out the grid in more detail by visiting the PFGrid.NET website. I will be Kryptonizing the control over the next few weeks so that it has the same look and feel as the rest of the Krypton controls and uses the palette system for obtaining appearance information. I will blog about progress as I go along.

Here are just a couple of pictures…

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  1. vulkanino Says:

    Please please please do the same agreement with ObjectListView, it’s free, it could be freely included in the Toolkit, it just have to be kryptonized, and I love it immensely. :)

  2. Carsten Giesen Says:


    are there some news? I want to buy the update now. Ist this Grid included now?


  3. 1 Says:


  4. View More Info Says:

    Wonderful article, I feel many people will side with your post.

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