This is a maintenance release containing fixes for various Krypton Toolkit controls.

Of particular interest are crashes that have been fixed so that the Krypton components work under 64bit operating systems. Return values from some platform invoke calls were assumed to be 32bit when they were in fact 64bit. Check out the Toolkit change list document using the link below to see a full list of changes.

Download 4.3.1

Toolkit Change List

9 Responses to “Krypton Suite 4.3.1 Released”

  1. Nick Says:

    Nice to see a new blog post here. Will there be a Krypton Toolkit for Silverlight soon?

  2. Malisa Ncube Says:

    Thanks. Its good to see that you are still looking into this product.

    The developments in the past 12 months have not been accelerated as before and subscription seemed ineffective.

    Do you have a roadmap for these controls?

  3. ErickOrlando Says:

    This version does not work in Visual Studio 2010, when I try to bind with Business Objects in design time is imposible to choose the KryptonDataGridView control.

    Forgive my poor english.

    Help me please.

  4. Gael Says:

    Have you a roadmap and/or a release date for the next version (4.3.2 / 4.4.0) ?


  5. Carl Says:

    Indeed, there should be a roadmap or at least some news about what’s coming in the future. The office 2007 controls are so perfect, but the 2010 (icon in the titlebar, the backstage menu) controls still need some work. Also a treeview and/listview would be nice.

  6. JeasonZhao Says:

    I cannot extract files from the V4.3.1 zip file, it reported a CRC error when extracting the MSI file. I downloaded it twice, same error. Would you mind double check it?
    OS: Windows XP,
    ZIP tool: XP integrated ZIP tool and HaoZip,
    Download Link: the link shown in this blog.


  7. JeasonZhao Says:

    Sorry, it is my OS error, the dependency of Zip DLL broken. I fixed it and your package worked well.

  8. Hitesh Says:

    Can u pl add Visual Studio 2010 color theme to krypton toolkit?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    How can i download version 4.3.1? the download link is in 4.3.2 version

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