It’s not often I add something to make VB programmers happy, but today I have gone crazy and added a component called KryptonInputBox that is a Kryptonized version of the InputBox that VB.NET programmers take for granted. It is a very simple dialog box that allows the user to enter a string. There is little customization possible, you can only alter the window title, the user prompt and the default value that populates the text box.

You can use it in the following way…

   string result = KryptonInputBox.Show("Prompt",
                                        "Window Title",

This results in the following appearance…

Don’t say I never do anything for the VB.NET community!

7 Responses to “KryptonInputBox”

  1. ren Says:

    Please tell me how to download this inputBox’s dll?

  2. pat4asi Says:

    Please consider if there is a property we can set for allow password option, this could be useful for quick password for any data driven application.


  3. Luca Says:

    You are great !!!

    it’s wonderful


  4. Sven Says:

    Thats great Phil. :)

    However I am not sure if the positions of the Ok and Cancel button is windows conform anymore.^^

  5. jkr Says:

    Not to be “disrespectful” to VB developers… but i kinda think this was a waste of time… i can’t think for a case when i’ll prompt the user to enter his age (or something like that)… but any addition to the Toolkit/Suite is a good and welcomed addition

  6. Pau Says:


    It would be great that:
    – OK button was selected by default (right now, there is not default action)
    – Provide a method to detect Cancel button was pressed (right now, an empty string is returned… as regular Inputbox does…)

  7. victor Says:

    can Cancel Button be catched?

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