Our latest release includes three new components for the Toolkit. All of these are modal dialogs that are intended to replace your use of the existing message box, task dialog and input box forms. So now your dialogs can be consistent with the rest of the application by also using the Krypton palette styling.

The switch to using the KryptonMessageBox is very easy because you only need to perform a Find/Replace of the phrase MessageBox.Show with KryptonMessageBox.Show. This is because the exact same static Show methods have been used in the Krypton implementation as exist for the MessageBox which ensures an easy upgrade path. Check out the three new samples that can be accessed from the KryptonExplorer in order to see them working and experiment with the different settings that are possible.

Also present in this release is an important bug fix. Under Windows 7 the showing of a dialog that is derived from KryptonForm can fail. The bug is very nasty in that the dialog simply fails to be drawn on the screen, which is likely to be very confusing for your users. This has now been fixed. For a full list of changes you should check out the change lists that are installed.

New Components
– KryptonMessageBox
– KryptonTaskDialog
– KryptonInputBox

Download 4.3

14 Responses to “Krypton Suite 4.3 Released”

  1. Liver Says:

    Thanx, Phil! :)

  2. Nick Finch Says:

    Fix for Windows 7 is very welcome. It was on my “to do” list to get to the bottom of this before our project was released. You’ve just saved me the work. Thanks Phil!!

  3. Fixit Says:


    Thanks for the fix Phil!!! :D

  4. Anindya Chatterjee Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Nice and great work again!! It’s good to see you still spend a considerable amount of time for the free toolkit. Just being curious, do you have any plan for WPF version of Krypton in near future?

    Anindya Chatterjee

  5. Phil Wright Says:

    No current plans for WPF versions.

  6. Scott Kane Says:

    As always – thanks Phil!!

  7. Jan Mohamed Says:

    Hi Phil

    Good to see that you’re constantly updating/enhancing the tools. That’s absolutely brilliant!

    I have 3 questions for you, and would appreciate if you can help with answers:
    1. Is there any “Multi-Column” Combo box in your arsenal of tools?
    2. If not, is there a work-around for that?
    3. Is upgrading to Krypton 4.3 as simple as Un-Installing the 4.x suite and installing the 4.3 suite? Will all the controls that I have placed in my existing application work fine after that or will I have to do something extra?

    Many thanks for your help

    Kind regards

    Jan Mohamed

  8. Georgi Says:

    KryptonMessageBox does not autoresize to accomodate for more than 2 lines of text as the stock MessageBox does

  9. Tom Says:


    Thanks for the 4.3 release. Love the KryptonMessageBox !

    Please consider adding filtering to the DataGridview.

    Keep up the good work !

  10. Suresh Says:

    Pl add Visual Studio 2010 color theme to krypton toolkit. It looks so good!

  11. John Says:

    More then 2 months after the last blog post! Phil, are you busy to surprise us with a new control or is this company dead?

  12. Gael Says:

    any news since september ?
    Is compagny dead ?
    Where can you except new update / controls for Krypton Suite ?
    Thanks !

  13. Tom Says:


    We are worried about you. Are you still there?


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