I’ve just started a graduate course in business and part of my first assignment is to interview an existing business owner. Does anyone out there own a small business and would they mind if I email them a few questions? It is only a fairly high level set of questions and should take no more than 5 minutes to answer. Thanks.

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  1. Peter Vandenbroeck Says:

    Yes, Phil, I own a small business that makes software for time & attendance and accesscontrol. I wouldn’t mind at all.

  2. Robin Vessey Says:


    I own and run a small business with a few other guys, Redgum have been developing for 14 years across 25 different industries. We have grown organically (no debt) and now have about 15 people.

    If we fit your profile send me an email, I would be happy to answer your questions.

  3. Atanas Palavrov Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I am owner of small software development business last 15 years, growing to 20 people before selling my part and continue as one man component vendor.


  4. Mitch Milam Says:


    I’m a small business owner and would be happy to help.


  5. Stefan Koell Says:

    Bring it on, Phil. I am a freelance consultant and software developer. If this is what you need for your interview, just ping me with your questions.

  6. Rob Janssen Says:

    Same here. Small company (2 employees, shared ownership). But we’re from the Netherlands; don’t know if that would be a problem. If not: shoot!

  7. Phil Wright Says:

    I had no idea so many people had small businesses. Thanks to all that responded.

  8. Edgar Ferreira Says:

    The development team of our company has 15% of it, but we are aware of all questions on running the business.
    We develop software for HealthCare (headquarters in Portugal). If you think we can help, send it now!

  9. Chris Porter Says:

    If you are looking for something outside of the software business let me know. My wife owns a health care company and I’m sure I could talk her into helping.

  10. Phil Wright Says:

    Thanks for the offer Chris. I know have more than enough responses to complete my simple assignment.

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