In most regards I would say that Australia is a first world country. But when it comes to power cuts you might as well be in the middle of Somalia. I must get a blip in power supply every couple of weeks. Almost all power boards over here come with a built-in surge protector which tells you how reliable the power supply is considered. The last cut was the most annoying as it lasted for several hours. Even worse it was evening and so the house was completely dark. I had to read a book by candlelight!

After my throwback to the Victorian era I rebooted to discover my machine was now considered to be pirated. It would let you login but then it shows a blank desktop with a message saying that your copy of windows is not genuine. I can assure you that Krypton is developed on a fully legal copy of Windows. It only took 20 minutes to get the machine working again by moving to a previous restore point and no data was lost. So I recommend all developers in Australia have a nightly backup of all your important data and ensure you image the machine on a regular basis. Luckily I do both.

2 Responses to “Windows Not Genuine”

  1. Scott Kane Says:

    Haven’t had Windows tell me it fails WGA due to a power cut – *yet* – but a good heads up, Phil. Thanks.

    +1 to backups – offsite, onsite and on the cloud. I’ve also started doing all development in virtual machines now. A system re-install is quicker when it’s only the OS and a utilities and not the IDE, components, paths etc.

  2. Eric Haley Says:

    Exact same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago!

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