I thought the MaskedTextBox column would be the last addition for the DataGridView but it seems there is more interest in columns than I anticipated. I was trying to think of other useful ones. Would a column for editing a colour be useful? Does anyone actually need to do this at the moment? What data type is the column itself?

Apart from a drop button and colour column what others are people in need of? I cannot promise to add what people request but if it sounds generally useful and not overly time consuming to add then I will certainly consider it.

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  1. jkr Says:

    The columns added until now are all the columns that you’ll need.
    I don’t see a reason for a color button or drop down. Just use a combobox. The only use of those two is something like setting priority.

  2. Tester Says:

    What about a checked list box column?

  3. dg78 Says:

    As I said in another thread, I need a TextBox with a Button (only one button).
    Why ? For example, in a sale datagridview (a different product in each row) when we need to add a product, if we know the code or reference of the product we use the TextBox otherwise we use the Button to choose the product in a list.
    Both TextBox and Button need to be in the same column.

    Somebody could say that I reinvent the combobox but it is not the same because in the list (after a click on the button) we can do what we want.

    Two solutions :
    1) this button is inside the TextBox, as ButtonSpec but only one and the same for all cells in a column
    2) if you do a drop button column, we can create a user control with a TextBox and a drop button, then we can put this user control as a column control. So the drop button is useful.

    I have no need for a color button.


  4. dg78 Says:

    My solution 2) before is already possible with a standard ButtonColumn instead to use a drop button but it is a pain to put a user control inside a column.

  5. jkr Says:

    Forgot about the Textbox/Combobox with a ButtonSpec. They come in handy when you need to add a product that’s not in the list or display a context menu (with some custom controls in it).

  6. rfrancisco Says:

    Besides the buttonspec one i found miseft needing a image button quite often since the button colums does not support images and the text takes too much space when a image is suficient to indicate the purpose of the desired action.

  7. ea Says:

    It would be nice to have the following:

    Cell progress bar.

    Cell flag image to the left or right of the data (i.e Exclamation point, Up arrow, down arrow,etc…).

    Summary row: Sum, Count, Average, Max, Min

  8. Chris Porter Says:

    Could you fix the rendering on KryptonDataGridViewButtonColumns to render properly with default settings? The padding/button style settings often cause the text to not render on the button without tweaking it manually (making the row taller or changing the button style to something smaller). This is annoying to seasoned krypton developers and confusing to new krypton developers.

  9. Metal-Frog Says:

    Yes, a button would be nice.

  10. Patrick Says:

    A RichText column would be nice to use the all the rich features of the rtf format (forecolor, backcolor, highlight, mark…)

  11. vesuvius Says:

    I would go for a DataGridViewProgressBar, that is quite useful to show the status of orders or tasks

  12. Tom Says:

    It would be nice to have the Office 2007 scroll bars on the DataGridView.

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  13. Anonymous Says:

    For my needs, a TrackBar would be extremely useful. However, if I’m not mistaking, there is actually not a TrackBar itself in the toolkit so I’m not sure if it would be a factual control. Anyway, I would really appreciate it.

  14. Malisa Ncube Says:

    It will be interesting to have some form of grouping based on the column.

  15. John Jeffery Says:

    Hi Phil.

    I just posted a topic to the Krypton Toolkit forum with the title ‘Checkbox in KryptonDataGridView Column Header’. I think having the ability to add checkboxes to the column header for the purpose of ‘select/unselect all’ would be a great feature. I for one would use it all the time.

    Thanks for a great toolkit.

    Cheers — John

  16. Robert Laskowski Says:

    I’d request grouping functionality, summary rows and aggregate functions, filtering columns, master-slave rows with expanding (just like treeview) and adding icons for items in combobox type columns. Thanx.

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