Editing dates and times in the KryptonDataGridView is a requirement for almost all business applications. Well now its easy with the addition of the inconveniently long named column type of KryptonDataGridViewDateTimePickerColumn. You can use the column type to edit DateTime typed columns as shown here…

All three columns are defined using our new column type but by altering the Format, CustomFormat and other column properties we can choose to only show and allowing editing of the Date part, Time part or both. It can handle null able columns as well, just remember to set the ShowCheckBox to True for a null able column so that the user can make an entry null able again after setting a DateTime value.

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  1. dg78 Says:

    As rfrancisco said January 1st, I think a true KryptonTextBox with buttonspecs will be also very good.
    Now the DataGridViewTextBoxColumn has no buttonspecs.

    Another day perhaps.

    Many Thanks

  2. Phil Wright Says:

    There is no plan on adding ButtonSpecs. They would be hard to add because you need to define them at the column level and then replicate the settings at all the individual cell level and that is resource hungry and a pain to get right.

  3. dg78 Says:

    I understand that it is not easy to do with buttonspecs and it is resource hungry.
    Perhaps is it possible to do it with only one button and the same button for all cells in the column ?
    Developers need often a simple textbox with one button inside a datagridview.


  4. vesuvius Says:


    Would it not be worth using the DatagridView Button in this case?

  5. dg78 Says:

    @ vesuvius

    A standard use case to use a TextBox with a button is to enter a product in a sale datagridview.
    If the user knows the code of the product, he enters it in the TextBox, otherwise he click on the button and then he can choose the product in a window (it is the developper’s job to do it).

    Of course, it is possible to put this button in a separated DataGridViewColumn but I think it is better to put it in the same column than the TextBox with a unique header (in my sample : Product).

  6. Mark Hathaway Says:

    I upgraded and I do not see this as an option. Is this only available on the paid version?

  7. vesuvius Says:


    This blog is like torture at times. Phil is blogging about forthcoming additons to the Toolkit i.e. version -> next. I’m sure you will agree that these new DataGrid editors look stupendous

  8. Mark Hathaway Says:

    Yeah they look fantastic. Problem Is tha I need them to work yesterday. I assumed the newest version had this. OOPS. They got me all excited for nothing I guess. Does Phil have a timeline for when this might be done?

  9. Phil Wright Says:

    I have no date for the next release. It will be done when it is done. I have another major component that will be added in the next release. Details will be provided once it is completed. So I would guess a few weeks and maybe as much as a couple of months.

  10. Cocotteseb Says:

    On an “off topic” comment :
    We want details about the major upcoming component !! :)

    I personnaly hope a multi-grouping datagridview as you currently pay attention to the datagridview, but on the other side I know it requires a rewrite from scratch… :/

    Anyway thanks for the columns, it speeds up the development.

  11. Nirav Says:


    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but still let me put it on the board, I am adding a KryptonDataGridViewDateTimePickerColumn at run time with some condition like if a=b then show the datetime picker in grid column, it works good for me but the issue is I want to have something that allows to show the datetimepicker dropdown always means I want user to see that column has a editable datetime picker at present what happens is when user clicks on cell it shows the dropdown button I want it to be visible always.

    I hope I am clear with my question Is there any way we can do it.


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