You can now use the KryptonComboBox in a text typed column. This is great if you have a small set of possible values and allows the full list to be available from the drop down. Also useful if you have common values that you want to be accessed from the drop down whilst the editing portion remains editable. Here you are see it in action…

Youc an specify the set of combo box strings in the columns Items collection.

3 Responses to “DataGridView ComboBox”

  1. Waescher Says:

    I’m very happy that you’re currently extending the KryptonGrid. Working with custom column types can be very disappointing by now.

  2. Cocotteseb Says:

    Great ! Would it be possible to see the Combobox only when we are editing the cell ? (for instance not seeing the dropdown button on the cells aaaa, bbbb and cccc)
    Thanks !

  3. vesuvius Says:

    Probably the control I have missed the most. any chance of getting the DateTime picker in there?

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