There’s been plenty of hype over the last couple of years that the trusty rotating hard drive is going to be replaced by solid state drives. So far they have been expensive, slow and and low capacity, making it more of a future tech than a now tech. But has the future finally arrived?

It seems that everyone is getting into a lather about the newly introduced Intel X25-M SSD. Although still expensive at $400 for 80GB ($800 for 160GB) it does at least solve the slow speed and low capacity complaints. But just how fast is this new bad boy?

Check out this video showing 24 x SSD in Raid 0 to see some pretty awesome desktop performance. On the down side 24 drives would set you back around $9,600. For a more realistic use of these drives Joel Spolsky has a blog entry about his attempt to use them for speeding up compile times on developer machines.

Give it another couple of years and my next development machine is definitely going to have a couple of SSD drives in Raid 0 for holding the OS and applications. Reserve those large terabyte spindles for storing pictures and videos of the family cat.

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