Bolded Dates

You can use three properties to describe the dates you would like to appear in bold. These are the same as those for the standard MonthCalendar and allow arbitrary dates, per-month dates and per-year dates. If you prefer to show the dates in a different way you can alter the OverrideBolded state information to achieve the required appearance.

Week Numbers

Many accounting applications needs to show the week number alongside the dates to help the user correctly select the day of interest. Just like the standard MonthCalendar you can set the ShowWeekNumbers property as needed.

5 Responses to “Bold and Weeks”

  1. Waescher Says:

    Beautiful! This is gonna be a really neat DatePicker.
    Is there a plan to make this control nullable?

  2. jkr Says:

    It’s starting to look like a real Krypton control. What’s missing is a “Today” and a “Clear” button and it’s going to be a hit! :D

  3. Chris Says:

    Looking great Phil. Any idea when we’ll get to see the main form part of the control?

  4. Matt Says:

    In an echo of Waescher, please make it nullable. And while you’re at it, maybe a readonly ability? :)

  5. Mitch Milam Says:

    Yee-ha. Looking good. Can’t wait for the next update.

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