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This rather long class name can be used to add a KryptonNumericUpDown control for the editing of Decimal values in a KryptonDataGridView control. You can see the new column type in operation here…

Youc an specify the Minimum, Maximum, ThousandsSeparator, DecimalPlaces, Hexadecimal and Increment values for the column.

The KryptonPage has two new flags…

  • AllowPageDrag
  • AllowPageReorder

These are used in conjunction with the Navigator flags of the same name to decide if the page can be dragged out of the navigator control or reordered. This provides per-page control over the actions rather than having the same restriction applied to all pages.

A new Navigator event called BeforePageReorder is also added that allows you to cancel the movement of a page during reordering actions. This allows the following common scenario to be implemented.

If you have a page that you want to remain always at the start of the set of pages then you can set the AllowPageReorder flag to False for that page. This prevents the user from being able to reorder that individual page. Then you can intercept the BeforePageReorder event and Cancel the event any time a page wants to be moved before our first page. Now you have a setup where all but the first page can be reordered but none of the pages can be moved before the first one. You could also implement more complex requirements such as always keeping a particular page after another in the list of pages. Although anything that complex is likely to confuse the user.

Note that these new flags and event only relate to user dragging actions. You can still add a page anywhere you like programmatically.

This is a maintenance release that contains bug fixes and just a single change in functionality. I recommend that you read the change list files, that are linked below, in order to see the full list of bugs that have been fixed. Also included is a fix to the installer that prevents the Krypton controls from appearing multiple times inside the Toolbox.

The single functional change is to the Office 2010 palettes. As the result of a developer poll indicated that people wanted the default size of the Office 2010 palettes changed to match that of the Office 2007 palettes. This change has been made in this release. You can however revert those palettes to the smaller size, or indeed any size you like, using the following example code…

   KryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Blue.BaseFontSize = 8.5f;
   KryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Silver.BaseFontSize = 8.5f;
   KryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Black.BaseFontSize = 8.5f;

This new BaseFontSize property is available on the built-in palettes except the Professional variations. There is also a BaseFontName that allows the font to be changed away from the default Segoe UI setting.

Download Link
Download Krypton 4.1.1

Change Lists
Toolkit Change List
Ribbon Change List
Navigator Change List
Workspace Change List
Docking Change List

You can download the Krypton 4.1.1 Release Candidate using the link at the bottom of this post. It contains bug fixes across all the major controls, an installer fix to prevent multiple control instances appearing inside the Toolbox, another installer fix so that docking components appear inside the Toolbox and a single extra piece of functionality.

The extra functionality is a property that sets the base font size…

kryptonManager.PaletteOffice2010Blue.BaseFontSize = 9.5f;

This property is only provided on the built in palettes and can be accessed via the KryptonManager as seen in the above code example. This allows those that would like a bigger font for the Office 2010 palettes to achieve it using the above example code. Please report any issues inside the post comments or via a direct email to myself.

Download 4.1.1

I’ve had feedback from several developers that the smaller font size of the Office 2010 palettes is a real pain in the backside. Because all the other palettes have the same size font it makes it possible to create a single layout for a form and when switching palettes it will still look good. But the smaller font of Offie 2010 palettes causes this to start failing.

This sounds like a valid issue. So I have started a poll on the forums in order to gather feedback. If a clear majority want the font made bigger to match the other palettes then the 4.1.1 release will be updated to make that happen. Note however that the ribbon fonts will not change as they look fine as they are. The ribbon is self contained and so there is no need to update the fonts for the ribbon itself.

If you want to vote then visit the forum link here…

Poll on Forums