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Now I am firmly established in the new house I’ve managed to get back to working properly. Half the week was spent catching up with emails and the other getting on with the new KryptonMonthCalendar control. I have just completed the basic appearance as you can see here.

Now I need to add this as an element for use inside a KryptonContextMenu. This will allow it to appear in a drop down that will be required later when a date picker is created. It also means you’ll be able to create your own context menus that include a month calendar element. You could add menu options for pre-defined dates or other actions that are specific to your application.

With much more disruption than anticipated I am waaaaay behind the schedule I had set myself. I wanted to have the month calendar and date picker both finished at around this point. As it is I am only maybe a third of the way through creating just the month calendar.

No blog posts for a whole month is unprecedented. This is the longest gap between posts since I started blogging several years ago. But have no fear I haven’t broken another bone or disbanded the company and run off to Brazil. I am simply in the middle of moving house.

If you have ever moved house then you will know how much time and aggravation it entails. Luckily the process is almost done and the removal company arrives tomorrow to truck our meager possessions to the new place. Internet access will not be supplied at the new house until the middle of next week and so I will be ex-communicated from today until then.

I have started work on the KryptonMonthCalendar control and although the disruption has put me a couple of weeks behind schedule I will be back to full coding speed very soon!


Creating the hierarchy of bread crumb items at design is very painful at the moment. You need to edit each set of child items as a flat list of items. So if you need to edit a node several levels down the structure you end up with several collection editors all open at the same time, one for each level of the structure as you make your way down to the node of interest. Not pretty.

I have now implemented a collection editor that presents all the items in a tree view so that you can see all the nodes at once and easily move them around as needed. Here you can see it in action…



The same problem applies to the recently introduced KryptonWorkspace control. It consists of a tree like hierarchy of elements that would benefit from a user friendly editor. In fact it needs the editor more than the bread crumb control because it is much harder to visualize the structure with the workspace. Here is the new improved editing dialog…

Yahoo have announced they are cutting 10% of its global workforce, about 1500 people, as it tries to cope with its ongoing problems. They also reported a 64% drop in third quarter profits and only a 1% increase in revenue over a year ago. So things are looking pretty rough at the moment for Yahoo and this is before the upcoming recession/depression really starts to bite.

Remember this is the same company that turned down a $47.5bn offer from Microsoft last January. I wonder if Jerry Yang still thinks that offer ‘undervalued the company’. This is where the problem of having the original founder as CEO really causes problems. Is he really thinking about getting the best value for shareholders? I don’t think so and I doubt he would have sold the company to Microsoft for any price. Not only because he hates the mother ship but also because he would lose control of his baby. Yahoo is his creation, his project, his ego trip and so he naturally wants to keep it independent and keep control over it. Once Yahoo is sold off he is no longer ‘the founder’ and ‘the special one’ inside Yahoo. Instead he becomes just another employee and that assumes that he would actually be kept on after a takeover.

His inability to think like a real CEO has cost the shareholders 10’s of billions of dollars. I believe he will keep driving the company to nowhere until the other execs finally push him aside and appoint someone that can bear to sell the company. Although I suspect anyone interested in Yahoo should just wait another year till the bottom of the recession is reached and then pick it up for a fraction of even the current share price.

I bet Steve Ballmer is thanking his lucky stars he managed to dodge this bullet.

I know that writers are not usually techies and so might struggle getting the terminology right. But surely they could at least consult somebody before using techno-speak in TV programs. In what possible way could this line ever make sense?

“I’ll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic, see if I can track an IP address.”

Check it out for yourself CSI:New York Clip